The Future of ECM Support and Web Based Distributed Capture

Now that there are scanning applications that live on the internet troubleshooting and client side desktop support just got a whole lot easier. No more patching individual workstatiScan on the Internetons and mix matched versions on client desk tops. No more problems accessing and taking up disk space. No more OS compatibility issues. Web based applications is the future of ECM and those of us in Technical Support are embracing the expansion of web based scanning applications such as ILINX Capture and  Oracle Distributed Capture.

Sure, there are still browser issues and other problems that keep all of us techies really busy. Web based applications will not get rid of the need for technical support but it does reduce the amount of user contact and potential points of failure significantly. This is not new technology and thin client scanning has been evolving over the years and we are noticing a trend of renewed interest as companies are looking for ways to deploy software to larger communities and an increase in green initiatives to telecommute. I am looking forward to the next evolution of zero footprint web based distributed scanning and the ease of deployment and supportability.

Leigh Woody
Program Manager
ImageSource, Inc.