The ILINX Adventure

The ImageSource support department has been doing some serious testing with ILINX® Content Store.   ILINX Content Store is a content management system that is based on an entirely thin-client framework which makes it instantly and easily deployable over a web interface.


There have been some exciting new features that have been added in recent months.  I want to point out some of the most outstanding features that we have found.


A single word that sums up the best feature of a powerful solution.  The layout and flow of work is extremely intuitive requiring only minimum training for users


One feature that stands as a testament to this is the wide range of objects that can be stored and then viewed within the thin client.  Using Windows Presentation Foundation technology, any object can be stored and then viewed with the client machine’s native viewer within the thin client.


ILINX Content Store has the ability to import objects using a background service, like a vacuum cleaner on steroids actually. During testing, depending on conditions, objects were being imported anywhere from 7 to 11 objects per second.

You really have to see it to believe it.  You won’t be disappointed.

Another utility that complements ILINX Content Store is ILINX Export. ILINX Export will export objects from an external content management system and prep them for the ILINX Content Store import utility.  Stay tuned for more information on ILINX Export in future blogs from ImageSource Support.

ImageSource ILINX Content Store

Mike Peterson
Support Engineer
ImageSource, Inc.