The ImageSource Customer Service Difference

I am a customer service specialist. Ninety percent of my job is customer service. It is my goal to offer effective solutions and products at a fair price and to do so above expectations. Which brings me to my most recent encounter regarding a lack of service – I cancelled my cable today. It felt as though they believed the customer needed them more than they needed the customer. Millions of dollars are spent on attracting customers, but how are companies treating the customers they have? When trying to reach the cable company to address my concerns, (my bill had increased by 50 percent), it took 10 minutes just to get to a live person on the phone. And when that person could not help, I was transferred to a different department where I was on hold for another 10 minutes. Shortly after I hung up. The next day I dropped off all my equipment at the local office and cancelled the service without ever being asked why I was cancelling.

In customer service, problems arise and people make mistakes, but this is always an opportunity to shine. It is a chance to rise above the competition and show the customer you really care about their business, that they are not just a few clicks on the internet for you to sit back and make money off of. At ImageSource, we truly care about our customers and employees. We work hard to gain trust and keep our customers happy. This is true from our CEO to our facilities manager. Check out some of our customer success videos and see for yourself why ImageSource continues to be a leading integrator of document imaging, capture and workflow technologies.

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Richard A. McDermott, ECMp, CDIA+
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