There’s enough SAN for all of us!

I’m really excited that we recently got a new D-LINK DSN-3200-10 SAN (Storage Area Network) for our network. What’s even more exciting is the amount of data we are going to be able to store on this monster… 30TB! We already currently have running the same model of SAN on our network but with only 15TB’s, which is still an amazing amount of storage.  Add in our new 2010 Exchange server and the amounts of virtual machines we have running on Hyper – V  using up gigs and gigs of space plus failover drives, 15TB’s can run out quickly. Once we fully implement our new SAN we will be able to transfer most of our data that is stored on servers with hard drives pushing the storage limit. The part about adding this SAN into our environment that gets me the most excited is that it will allow us to dynamically expand our storage requirements whenever we need to make changes on the fly in order to support growing databases, image repositories, virtual machines, and any other storage issue that may arise.

Will Hart
Support Engineer
ImageSource, Inc.