To Image or Not to Image

Having chosen my career path towards project management, I am not as strong in desktop support as many others. However, I can work my way through just about anything but it might just take a little longer. I thought I would share my experience over the past week in attempting desktop support for myself.

Let’s begin; a few weeks ago I started to experience strange things with my how laptop was working. Just “wonky” (yes, that is a technical term… look it up). I decided to suffer through it but this past Monday I hit a road block—my computer wouldn’t let me move ahead any longer. I then turned to the guys in my office and they all said “Oh you must have a virus.” After a full scan… NO virus. So I went back to see what else I can try to fix this issue… the final suggestion was to reimage. OH JOY!!

Being the self-sufficient person I am and not wanting to bug someone else, I figured I would do this myself (I do have a degree in computers after all). I assumed after a few hours of work my laptop would be up and running again no problem but boy was I mistaken.I began backing up all my documents and favorites, listed out my software etc. Once I had everything I needed, I pressed the magic button and the partition was gone. The long process of putting it all back together began.

After a day and a half, I restored all my software back on except for ILINX®, thinking that it would take another hour or so (as all the other software took about that long). I went to download the software from the ImageSource download center and within 30 minutes I was back up and running with all my applications and workflows that I had backed up.

The moral of the story: when your last option is to reimage your machine, plan on it taking more than a day to get back up and running (especially if you don’t do it regularly). The good news: if you use ILINX software, it only takes a short time then before you know if you will be capturing and retrieving those documents again.

Jen Hilt
Project Coordinator
ImageSource Inc.