Where did Virtual Rescan Technology go?

I have personally been selling PC’s, PC Peripherals and scanners since 1995. When I came to ImageSource in June of 2000, I had to learn the document scanner side of things. ImageSource was definitely an early adopter of the VRS (Virtual Rescan) Technology. This insight was driven by being close partners with Fujitsu and Kofax. In the beginning, you had to have extra hardware components in the scanner and host PC to make the equation functional. The installations were clumsy at times, but it really was the best way to get the best quality image from your scanner.

In the winter of 2013, Fujitsu, (an early adopter of VRS Technology), started to promote the PaperStream IP software bundle, quietly eliminating VRS from the included software. This was a shock to many of us; resellers and end users. But according to the PaperStream IP information, you probably won’t miss VRS. If you want to add it you still can, but for a price. Fujitsu’s competition has finally caught up to where they were 10+ years ago by now including VRS options. Only time will tell if an adequate substitute has been developed.