We Love Our Customer Partners!

Here at ImageSource, we are ecstatic about our Customer Partners! We call them Customer Partners because we believe that they are all truly partners of ImageSource. Together, we’ve been able to accomplish some pretty awesome things.

We have a number of Customer Partner case study videos that can be found on our website, but one in particular that I wanted to point out is the initial implementation that was done at the City of Kennewick, Washington.

The City was looking to automate their Agenda Packet process and was able to do so with the help of ImageSource as their Enterprise Content Management Integrator. The idea was that after the initial implementation, the City would roll the solution out to other departments and allow them to utilize the functionality of the base system.

The initial implementation included components, such as Oracle, Kofax Capture and products from the ILINX suite of products. The solution was robust, but allowed the City to gain efficiencies in their processing.

Check out the City of Kennewick’s case study video of their ECM solution!

Kristina Linehan (Parma)
Account Executive
ImageSource, Inc.