What ILINX Has in Common with Two Giants: Alibaba and Apple

I read a post recently titled Customer-centric and easy-to-use is the new business model (The Alibaba story) that really hit home. The author, Gerry McGovern, a customer-centricity guru, points out that Alibaba, the world’s biggest online commerce company, has defined a clear mission of “making it easier to do business across the world”, as founder Jack Ma put it. I think it’s safe to say that this model has merit, as the company claims the biggest IPO in the history of the world.

As a long-term Apple user, (my first Mac had a hard drive with 512 KB memory) I can say that their progressively intuitive interfaces have been a compelling reason for me to continue using their technology. In fact, the Macintosh project started with an Apple employee named Jef Raskin who envisioned an easy-to-use, low-cost computer.

Apple has stayed true to this model to present day, according to technology industry analyst Jeff Bajarin. In an article published by Time Magazine, Bajarin outlines six key principals that set Apple apart from the competition, three of which are:

1. The products have to be easy to use
2. They keep things simple
3. They only make a product if they can do it better

Similarly, in the world of information management software, the developers of ILINX have made superior functionality, ease of use and low total cost a priority, but not only for the user. The interface is so intuitive that even administrators need very little training to master the management of users, settings and process intelligence. If your business processes need, or are currently dependent on, capture, workflow, electronic forms, records retention, migration, format conversion or a repository with a powerful search engine, you just might want to take a good look at ILINX.

Carol Carbone Jellison
Program Manager, Marketing
ImageSource, Inc.