Why Courts Need Document Management AND Case Management Systems

Document Management System (DMS) needs should be identified holistically, not just for the needs of the courtroom processes. A successful implementation will be gained through a well thought out plan and a DMS solution that can not only integrate with a courts Case Management System (CMS), but also with Fiscal, HR, Procurement, and other department’s line-of-business systems.

To accomplish a successful implementation of an electronic environment there has to be an overall vision and buy-in from all the key individuals of the court system.

  • Culture and vision which incorporates technology as part of the business strategy
  • Identify areas to integrate technology with the courts business strategies
  • Implementation of an electronic DMS to be used by all departments
  • Integration of the DMS with CMS and other line-of-business systems
  • Provide public access to documents via a web portal (e-Access)Puzzle_arrows

Courts like all businesses need to do more with less and here are some questions to consider when an organization is identifying their requirements for creating an electronic environment:

  • Do you really need the document?
  • How will you create the electronic document – scan paper, eForms, eFiling?
  • What process does that document go through before being submitted in the repository?
  • How will you certify the electronic document as a true and accurate public record?
  • How will the judges and clerks want to interact with the electronic files?
  • Who gets access to the document and under what document security rules?
  • How will your staff work with the document?
  • What line-of-business systems need to share information or need to be integrated?
  • How will you make the documents accessible to Justice Partners and the public?

The above are all things to consider when looking at implementing an enterprise wide DMS solution that can be used by all departments in the organization. Most importantly to note is that by successfully implementing DMS the courts can provide better customer service and handle cases as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. Please reach out to ImageSource to gain more information on the solutions we are providing the courts.

April Gentry
Account Executive
ImageSource, Inc.