Why I Love Electronic Forms!

I love electronic forms!

I love being able to not just fill out, but also submit forms electronically either from my PC or my tablet. It’s easy to change information if I mistype something or need to change information. With paper forms, you typically have to reprint the page and enter in all the information again. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve screwed up filling out a paper form and had to redo it. There’s also something nice about being able to click the “Submit” button at the end and not have to print and mail a document in and double-check to make sure it was received on the other end a few days later.

I’ve noticed that more companies and organizations are turning to electronic forms for both consumers and constituents. Users can fill out forms and attach relevant documents or information to the form and in some cases, even sign the form right then and there, no printing necessary!

Some of ImageSource’s Customer Partners have turned to ILINX eForms for their electronic form needs. This product is a web-based platform that’s user-friendly and allows users to capture, attach, process and deliver forms and related information without having to print the form or document.

ILINX eForms is truly a dynamic product that gives users a ton of functionality and options in terms of what can be done and is presented in a slick user interface as you can see in this ILINX eForms demo.

I’d be more than happy if I never had to print and fill out another form ever again, and it seems more and more organizations are moving in the direction of electronic forms every day.

Kristina Linehan (Parma)
Account Executive
ImageSource, Inc.