Workflow & Process Automation

Automate the processing of captured content with easy-to-configure software that supports BPM and flexes with your business

ILINX Capture Workflow

A robust visual drag-and-drop workflow designer

ILINX Advanced Capture

Automate content classification and data extraction for hands free processing

ILINX Format Converter

Convert disparate types of content into a single format

ILINX Advanced Report Management

High-volume print stream/ COLD report processing

​Levels of automation

Basic or Foundational
  • Multi-channel inputs
  • Digital transformation
  • Workflow routing & approvals
  • Desktop Process Automation (DPA)
  • ​Automated content extraction ​& verification
  • Intelligent processing via real-time integrations with line of business systems
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)​
Automated content extraction and verification
Intelligent processing via real-time integrations with line of business systems
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) (this is ILINX Integrate with additional magic)
​Cognitive or Machine Learning
  • Machine learning enhanced content classification ​& extraction
  • ​Integrations with advanced analytics and machine learning clouds
Machine learning enhanced content classification and extraction
AdvanceIntegrations with advanced analytics and machine learning clouds

Unshackle processing from a specific back end—release complete and accurate data to any target

Traditionally, document management systems bind workflow to a complex, costly repository. We believe it makes better business sense to liberate your processing. An independent workflow allows you to take advantage of a wide range of benefits.

  • Release to any target—line-of-business application, file system, file structure or repository​
  • Optimize storage capacity and compliance by automatically reducing file size, or converting format prior to release
  • Reject and filter data at the source to streamline processing
  • Process data from a wide variety of sources through ILINX Capture without custom development
ILINX workflow release complete and accurate data to any target

Conduct and orchestrate your entire business process

ILINX provides a broad menu of automation capabilities that you can utilize to streamline processing.

workflow process auto classify


Auto-extract (OCR, ICR, HCR and Zonal)

(OCR, ICR, HCR and Zonal)

document format converter

Convert formats

perform database look-ups


Exchange data with line of business systems via web services or custom API

Exchange data with LOBs via web services or custom API

automate text and email elerts

Text and email alerts

Five Cs allow you to tailor processing to meet your unique requirements



Our simple drag and drop workflow builder allows you to easily build common flows without complex coding required. The graphical builder comes with many common action and queue modules.



Out of the box, ILINX products for workflow and processing come with robust options for configuration for security, actions, access, format, target...



Whether you want to brand your UI or automate actions on your server, ILINX lets you contribute your own custom code for just about any custom processing under the sun.



Convert all major file formats automatically, or on demand, including ERM/COLD files.



Execute and build exactly the kind of workflow that your process requires, from a basic approval to a highly complex workflow that uses parallel routing, conditions for completion, tasks, inputs and outputs and much more.


Comprehensive Features

  • Rules-based & auto initiated processing
  • Database & LOB integration to pre-fill data
  • Exception handling
  • Timers & alerts
  • Image clean-up
  • Format Converter
  • Auto classification & data extraction

Central Management

  • Deploy, administer and update
  • Granular security
  • Transparent & audit-able

Easily Create Workflows

  • Visual workflow builder
  • Pre-built drag & drop modules for actions, queues and exception handling

Modify, Adapt & Refine

  • Apply custom script at server or customize workflows

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