Workflow queue routing in ILINX® Capture 5

Let’s say you want to route a batch in the ILINX Capture workflow depending on the value of a certain index.  Maybe this is an AP solution and you want to route to a different queue based on document type.  Here is the simple way to do that:

1.  Create a PickList at the batch level


2.  Add the values ‘Has Purchase Order’ and ‘No Purchase Order’ to the PickList


3.  Create the rest of the Batch Profile with whatever index fields and documents you want to
4.  Open the workflow editor for the Profile


5.  Add a GetBatchInfo IXM to the workflow map before the routing event (make sure to create the batchInfo variable as well)


6.  Drag a FlowSwitch IXM to the map and select ‘String’ as the Type.


7.  Connect the IXM’s
8.  Select the new Switch IXM, open the expression editor and put in the value of the index field to evaluate


9.  Create two new human activities, Has Purchase Order and No Purchase Order (neither the name or IXM type matter here, the next step determines the route)


10.  Connect the Switch IXM and Human Activity IXM’s.  Notice the labelling on the lines.  These are the parameters that determine the route.


11.  Select the ‘Case1’ line, erase the ‘Case1’ in the Case property box, and replace it with ‘No Purchase Order’ as shown


12.  Select the ‘Default’ line.  Uncheck the IsDefaultCase property checkbox.  Replace the ‘Case1’ that appears with ‘Has Purchase Order’ as shown


13.  Your workflow should now look like this.  Save and publish.


14.  When you create a new batch you now have the picklist dialogue appear automatically.


15.  Depending on the Document Type you choose at scan time, the batches will end up in different queues


Mike Peterson
Systems Engineer
ImageSource, Inc.